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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now my exam results are out liao... haiz.. Science get 73/100 , Math get 71/100 , chinese get 70.5/100 but my english got 58/100.... dunno why so badly done.. no wonder my form teacher say it was actually hard... when my parents saw it they flew into a rage.. lol.. anyway, my higher chinese marks are really kns.. maybe may flunk that exam.. comfirm die.. cannot play com or psp one.. But wat really makes me upset is that beacause of that stupid marks of my english, they won't buy for me the book i want.. lol... kns lar...

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NOw exam over liao... can play com all the way.. hahas.. but play maple until sienz liao.. so not really playing map so much liao... at school finally can borrow soccer ball again.. long time since we got to play soccer. anyway, the bad news was that i still have to go supplematary classes EVEN though exams are over, so every tuesday still gotta go.. lolx, Hong Ray actually SKIPPED today's supplemantary class.. still ask his mother to write letter... pretty stupid lar, only like 1 hour of sup he still dun wan go, like die die must play computer.. lol, now more people in my class playing the games on asiasoft like maple, audition all this.. lolx.. Now Hong everyday all talk about computer , don't know if he ever grew tired of it one.. lol

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Haiz.. my 1st hamster this year sa1 the time.. after math exam my 1st hamster died. now my 3rd hamster is sa2 this year after chinese exam die.. lol. hope my 2nd won't die during psle... lol... tomorrow still have higher chinese exam.... lolx... sometime i really think life really is unfair lar.. lol.. now maple i play until sienz le.. maybe go try audi.. oh ya Jia Xuan, I DIDN'T CHEAT YOUR FEELINGS HOR. is u say wan chocolate hor i never say buy

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Everyone should know that now Singapore got haiz le.. lol.. The air so dusty now... and the newspaper people say all those got heart or respiratory problem best don't go out... lol. Verylong never update cause i got no time... ps ah, cause' exam lai liao. if get 80+ for all subject can get my psp lo.. Now finish my school work le..maybe can get 1st in science again.. but nic the marks almost win me at CA2... i get 79.5 and he got 81.. than one answer change answer so become i 81.5 he 79.. lol too bad lor.. lucky..

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Lolz... At school now got examination sia.. English, Maths and chinese finish liao. But still have science and higher chinese.. a little envy the other classes who do not have higher chinese but still, 5-6 seem kinda upset with Mr toh(My last year form teacher and theirs too).. zzz dunno why. Lol and now have the PSLE oral, got alot of homework, even have extra tution by the tution teacher. lolz..

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Haiz.... everyday also tution sia.. gd thing this week got long weekend cause of NDP.. lucky..but bad luck lar.. still have a lot of homework. Hardly got anytime to play com... only now then got time to type blog... better than nothin right? haiz......

Ca2 also coming. lol. must prepare....

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yesterday, my father and i was suppose to go swimming.... but i had to go trying to make him wake up like for more than 15 mins..... zzzz wasted time... but when we reached the entrance, we noticed that the pool was closed.. walao thought today can practice. At least have macdonald breakfast. haha. When we got back,i layed on my bed resting when my mother ask me to cook the porridge this time myself to see if i really can cook propelly. It took me like so looooooooooooong before it was cook. I had got really bored by than and cook the luncheon meat and egg after cookin the porridge.

After eating lunch and bathed, my father was going out and asked me if i wanted to follow him to his friend's office, as we reached there, we noticed that his shop had multiple rooms that might be a maze for a small animal.. if 1 ever gets in lah... my father's friend had just nice wanted to go to his client's new hse for the renovation. He drove us there.. the car was able to lift the roof. But my father told him it was rainin. but as soon as we exited the underground carpark, it was not raining! Actually can open the roof one leh... but dun have. So sian... when we reached the hse's underground carpark lift, it took like so loooooooooong to come down and so loooooooong to go up and the lift is like crap. at some stops on different levels cause got some people also taking the lift, the stupid door would not close even if we pressed the button. So, my father's friend hit the door a little than it closed... and that happened a few times.. i really wish i could kick it. Too bad.. hahas...So when we reached the hse, i noticed that it was like so BIG, it was half of the whole lv.. and the owner had bought the entire lv which contains 2 flats which is like very big sia..there were 8 bedrooms, 2 master bedrooms, 2 mini master bed rooms and a few other rooms which also contains 2 maid rooms walao.. even got balcony jacuzzzi. walao i have not tell you about the master room. the door has to doors on both sides left and right. the room is big and has a walk in closet which is like 1/4 of the bedroom and the bathroom, i wanted to SCREAM! It has a shower area, auto toilet bowl and a bath tub. The sink even has a small television installed in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, when we reached the car again, my father's friend opened the roof of the car.. i was so excited but wat the heck... as soon as we exited the carpark, it rained!!!!! -_-lll kns

So, he closed the roof again. haiz....

When we reached the carpark at his shop, i got out of the car and before i removed my right leg, the chair moved back and slamed my leg.. ouch!.. oh ya the car has only two doors at the front. so whoever sits at the back gotta move the chair front forward and squeeze in. Too bad for me lah.. haha. Than, my "golf coach" Alex kor kor ( he called me to call him that as i think he thinks if i call him uncle, he thinks his Old) came and the three adults talked about the golf trip they were going around 6 june i think.

They left me in 1 room to watch movies... but before i got the chance to watch even half of the show, i got inturrupted.. not once but twice..... after the second time gotta leave liao...lolz. nvm. So, on the way back, we passed by the new national stadium of this year says my father and told my mother what had happened.

What happened at night u say? I went to my grandmother's hse for dinner and than we went homeand i immedietly bathed and switch on the computer and played maple till 9.30p.m. hahaz tiring day....

For today, I woke up, before even 11a.m. my mother wanted to go to malaysia. haiz.. but my grandmother did not want to go. so i took the opportunity and stayed there. hahaz so now i am typing here lor..

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